AMERICAN ODYSSEY HIGH ADVENTURE VENTURING CREW 444 is a Nonprofit Outdoor Education Organization that was established in 1995 for the purpose of educating young people in Science, Natural History, and in Outdoor Education practices as well as Personal Discovery.

In addition to the activities offered to students during the year, the Venture Crew takes College and High School students each summer on a Major Expedition through the American West or to Alaska.

  Our American West experience takes 30 days
and the Alaskan Odyssey is a 37-day experience. 
This year, (summer of 2003) we will be going to the AMERICAN WEST. 

All of our Outings are fully chaperoned by qualified Staff Members with a ratio of 1 Staff Member to 10 participants or less.  We have both male and female chaperones.  Most are younger Teachers or College students that are in Graduate School and have served as Staff on other American Odyssey Expeditions and occasionally parents.

We are NOT part of Mooresville High School or the Mooresville Graded School District or a part of North Raleigh Charter High School. We are a separate Educational Entity.  We have students from several High Schools and several Colleges and Universities from across the State of North Carolina that participate in our Programs and Outings.  All that participate, however, are interviewed by our Staff and fill out the same application.  We try to ensure that ALL Participants are genuinely interested in helping us to continue to offer a Quality Program that will ensure all participants a quality experience and a Safe and Wonderful experience on all of our Outings.

AMERICAN ODYSSEY VENTURE CREW 444 is Chartered as a High Adventure Venture Crew with the Boy Scouts of America and has BSA Medical Insurance for all of our participants on our outings.

The Director of our Program is Mr. David Barlow, a Teacher of Astronomy, Geology, and Science for Mooresville High School and the Mooresville Graded Schools.  To find out more about his qualifications and experience, and more about our Summer Expeditions please check out the American Odyssey Web Site at the following address:

The cost to join the Venture Crew is $15 and covers registration and insurance for one year.  If you are already a Scout and registered with a Unit, the fee will be $5.  This will pay for the Dual enrollment and the cost of the BSA Primary Care Medical insurance with Mutual of Omaha that covers you on all of our Adventures.   Activity costs will be approximated prior to the trip, and then published in the Information and Permission Sheets.