Sailing & Sea-Kayaking Trip   Sept.14-16, 2001

MEET:  Venture Crew 444 will meet on Friday, September 14th at Port City Shopping Center Parking Lot @ 7:30pm We will need to pack the trailer. We will leave any cars in the lot and have Mooresville Police Department keep an eye on them over the weekend.  A better alternative is to have parents carpool and drop off participants and pick them up on Sunday evening at 7:00 pm.

DEPARTURE: Will be at 8:00 pm SHARP!!
RETURN TIME: on Sunday will be around 7:00 pm

We will be meeting Derek Miller's Crew in Raleigh in the SAM's Club parking lot on Harrison Avenue (Exit 287 of I-40). Our departure time will depend on the arrival time of the Mooresville crew, but expect to leave Raleigh @ ~10:45pm.

RETURN TIME: We will arrive back at the SAM's Club on Sunday, around 4:00 pm.  Mooresville ~7:00 pm

MONEY:  Fortunately, we have a variety of sailing vessels and kayaks within our own membership and a network of friends, so we do not have to pay for an outfitter as previously anticipated. That allows us to reduce the cost to $50 per person. This includes $15 for 5 meals (3 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday) and $35 for the rental fees & fuel for the 15-passenger vans.
·          Non-refundable payment of $50 is due on Monday, September 10th to reserve your space. Make any checks/money orders payable to Venture Crew 444, though cash will be fine.
·          First-time participants will also need to pay the $12 Venture Crew membership dues to be eligible for this trip. Checks for $12 should be made payable to "Venture Crew 444" and are due before departure on Friday.
·          Eat dinner at home on Friday night. You may want to bring extra $ for souvenirs and snacks.

LOGISTICS:  Dave Barlow's crew from Mooresville Senior High School will rendezvous with Derek Miller's Crew at ~10:30pm on Friday night at the Sam's Club parking lot at Harrison Avenue (Exit 287 of I-40). We will load the vans and meet the other participants before our final briefing. The drive to Beaufort, NC will take ~3 hours, which means we will be getting in late. We will make a very basic camp on the mainland Friday night and get to bed as soon as possible.

After breakfast on Saturday, there will be some icebreakers and team-building activities. Immediately after, we will have basic instruction in sailing, kayaking, and water safety. The remainder of the day will be more informal, with participants having their choice of sailing several different vessels, kayaking, enjoying the beach and the surf, watching the wild horses on Shackleford Island, collecting shells, etc. Lunch on Saturday will be self-serve, sandwiches & finger foods. Before dusk, we will set up our new campground on Shackleford Island and prepare a hot dinner together. The remainder of the evening will be spent in fellowship with one another, enjoying the beauty that Shackleford Island has to offer.

After breakfast on Sunday, we will break camp and head back to the mainland. The remainder of the morning will be informal, with participants again having their choice from a variety of activities. Just before lunchtime, we will finish cleaning & packing all gear. We'll have a quick lunch out of the trailer before wrapping up the weekend with a few more team-building and reflection activities for closure. Final departure from Beaufort back to Raleigh will be ~12:30pm.

For the entire weekend, everyone is expected to help set-up and breakdown the camp and gear, as well as prepare and clean up after meals. Conscientious objectors will walk the plank. The sailing and kayaking opportunities are geared toward novices; prior experience in sailing or kayaking is helpful but certainly not required. We are blessed to have several experienced sailors eager to share their knowledge. The advisors and chaperones will give full attention to the safety of all participants, but it is EVERYONE's responsibility to think and act in a manner, which places SAFETY FIRST. Participants who cannot follow the guidelines set forth by the advisors should stay home.

CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT:  DO bring a change of clothes (think LAYERED clothing for warmth, as it may get cool in the evening). A wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses with a croakie are both recommended. DO bring plenty of waterproof sunscreen, your swimsuit, a towel, and old sneakers, water shoes, or sandals. If you plan to sail or explore Shackleford Island, old sneakers are preferred over sandals, b/c of traction on the boats and the potential of some deep mud. However, NO BLACK-SOLED SHOES are allowed on the boats, as they will mar the hulls. For camping, the only thing you'll need is a sleeping bag and personal toiletries. A poncho would be handy if it rains. You should consider packing a small flashlight, a supply of insect repellent, and a waterproof camera, if you're a shutterbug. We have tents, stoves and lanterns. You may bring your own tent if you like. However, we will probably sleep under the stars on tarps as we did on the rafting trip.  This is only an overnight camping trip, so please limit yourself to your sleeping bag and ONE duffel bag. Please put your name on your gear. PACK LIGHTLY!     WE HAVE ROOM FOR GUITARS!

EMERGENCY CONTACT INFO: In case of an emergency during the weekend, you can reach the advisors of the Venture Crew at  (919) 601-1319, Derek Miller's cell phone number. He will have his cellular phone with him and on for the entire weekend (except when I'm on the water!).  David Barlow will be close by and easily reached at this number as well.                                                                       (919) 601-1319

Please complete, detach, and submit permission slip prior to departure.

Permission Slip for Beaufort Sailing & Sea-Kayaking Trip

    Participants, by signing this form, you agree to abide by all the guidelines and expectations set forth by the advisors of Venture Crew 444, as well as the direction of other chaperones for the weekend. In particular, you agree to behave consistently in a manner that places your personal safety and the safety of the other members of the Venture Crew as the highest priority for the weekend.

    Parents, we need your permission to take your son/daughter on the road and to the North Carolina coast for the Beaufort Beach Trip weekend.  We will take all reasonable precautions and do everything that we can to ensure that your son/daughter has a safe and memorable experience, and we will care for them as our own.  Your signature is your permission for your son/daughter to attend the trip as well as your permission for the advisors to provide treatment if your son/daughter is injured.
                                                                                                           David Barlow & Derek Miller
                                                                                                             Venture Crew Advisors

Participant_______________________________________________________________ has my permission to attend the BEAUFORT SAILING & SEA-KAYAKING TRIP sponsored by VENTURE CREW 444.

Parent/Guardian: ______________________________________________________Date: ______________

Participant: ___________________________________________________________Date: ______________