American Odyssey is designed for young people to experience America firsthand in an environment of adventure, culture, challenge, and discovery.
Participants can expect to gain firsthand knowledge of the people, places, and diversity of our great country.
In addition, the American Dream of freedom, challenge, and teamwork well be experienced.
The adventure and discovery will not only at every vista, turn and place we visit, but also in the relationships formed and their interdependence that we share as the adventure unfolds.
Discovery is the greatest part of the quest. For each individual it means something different. It brings abut change. Sharing of a common experience like this forms relationships and friendships that are everlasting.
Every effort is made to insure that each participant has a
personal experience which will be treasured for years to come.

American Odyssey is chartered as a
High Adventure Venture Crew - CREW 444
with the Piedmont Scout Council, BSA.