(This is the time to take inventory and take a good long look at yourself.)

How do you feel others see you?

What is your greatest strength?

What is your greatest weakness?

What do you hope that this experience will do for you?

How do you think that you will grow or change as a result of this experience?
Do you know about our Alcohol And Tobacco Policy?  Will that be a problem for you?

How do you do on long road trips?  Do you predict that you will take advantage of your time in the van by writing in your journal or sleeping, or helping with the AO Road Rules?

We rotate seating on the American Odyssey Trip on a daily basis.  3 People will move out of and 3 people will move into your van and everyone shifts forward in order to keep the two or three vans operating as one Crew, and not 2 or 3 separate vans during the trip.  How do you feel about that and do you think that it will work?
How do you think you will interact with students that are somewhat older than you? You should know that many of our participants are rising College Juniors attending many different schools across NC.   Most will become teachers.

We offer opportunities for Interdenominational Worship and return thanks at mealtimes.  If you think you might feel uncomfortable with this now would be a good time to mention it, and ask more about the details.

What are the main reasons that you REALLY want to go on this trip?

How many of the places that we are going have you heard about and have wanted to go to visit and see.  

How do you see yourself working under Stress and Pressure?  On this Trip these are largely self imposed.  There should not be much of this if you can just "go with the flow"

How do you fit into the description of "Team Player"  or   "Crew Member" ?

Do you feel that this group could be an extended family of sorts?  If you had to describe which family member you think you probably would be, who would you be and why or how?

Are you comfortable with the idea of  "Pushing Your Limits" farther than you have ever pushed them before?  Are you ready to do that, knowing that your AO family is there for you to see to it that you will succeed.  We will need you to do the same with all of the other participants as well  helping them to succeed and push their comfort zone and their limits in order to grow. 

This Experience is one of Total Immersion.  You will eat, sleep, drink, hike, walk, talk, and breathe American Odyssey for an entire month.  You will sleep under the stars with your AO Family and the "Critters"  Do you see any part of this as an obstacle for you?  If so, which part or parts?

What is your Greatest Hope for your 30-day experience?

What is your Greatest Fear for this 30-day experience?

What is your favorite camping meal or menu?  Choose several of your favorites.  You will be asked to help shop for the groceries and help prepare it.  How do you feel about that?

How do you feel about sharing campsite setup, meal preparation, trailer loading and unloading?

Are you a Morning Person?  Night Owl?  Do you get up and get going well? Or are you a morning Slug?

Are you good about meeting people on time at predetermined places or are you one who is habitually late?

Do you have any questions about any aspect of the trip such as showers, spending money, meals, buddy system, travel arrangements, sleeping arrangements, etc?  Now would be a good time to ask or you may ask Dave by sending an e-mail or a call.

This Experience has a variety of High Adventure Activities built into it.  We do Whitewater Rafting, Canyon Hiking, Climbing and Rappelling, Polar Bear Swims, Wildlife Watching, Visit the Rodeo, Scrambling around Waterfalls, American Odyssey Road Rules, Street Hiking, and more....

One of the things that we want you to know is that this is an incredibly fast paced experience and in order to do ALL that we do, you may have to modify your normal way of life for the duration.

We may not eat at regular "Normal Mealtimes" or make camp at a time that will allow us to sit around the campfire on many nights, but the tradeoff is that if We All Work As A Team and try to meet the predetermined departure times, we will see more and get to do more than we would otherwise. Remember, this program is called American Odyssey.  You might want to look up the definition of Odyssey before you go on this trip.   You will on this trip, get to know More About Yourself and your "New Friends and Family" than you ever thought possible.  You will travel through God's wonderful creation and see more of our great country than many people do in their Entire Lifetime.


"The Journey Is The Destination."

And you will be a Different Person When You Return Home!!