"The activities were above and beyond what I expected.  Each day there was something new and exciting in store.  Dave always made it more interesting and educational.  This trip has taught me so much about group dynamics and adapting to situations.  It has also educated me on what the US has to offer.  I will always appreciate this opportunity.  Dave is an Awesome Leader.  He is well educated and trained to ensure safety for all- he always made this experience and each experience fun and took great care of everyone in each situation" 
Becky Dilloway UNC-Charlotte AO06

"The things we saw and did, most people will never get the chance to see in their lifetime and this gives a person that opportunity.   Dave - The knowledge you have is Awesome.  You are a Great Leader.  Thanks for everything!  Derek - Awesome motivator and Staff Member.  You were so helpful.  Thanks for all you did and are.  Allison - You are the "Squitta of AO".  Great job leading and helping with driving and all of the decisions the Staff has to make. Thanks!"
Cameron Sherrin UNC-Charlotte  AO06

"This is an Awesome opportunity for people to see most of our country.  We experienced so many things and saw so much of the country.  This is a wonderful program!  Highly recommended! :)  My favorites were hiking up Half Dome in Yosemite, Hiking in the Grand Canyon and AO Meadow in The Tetons.  - All of the activities were Awesome!  Too many to name.  Dave and Derek are simply amazing as Staff Members.  They take the time to make sure everyone is taken care of and Happy.  You could not ask for more caring Staff Members!!"
Jenny Lawrence UNC-Charlotte AO06 and Alaskan Odyssey 2002

"American Odyssey is an Odyssey.  The size of this country is not well understood until you drive it in 30 days.  Huge- and a lot of driving - but Definitely worth it to see everything we did.  The activities were awesome, and there are no better accomodations than sleeping under the stars.  I recommend this experience to future Teaching Fellows because it was an AWESOME fun time, and a great way to enhance your knowledge of the country that we will be teaching in.  Dave and Derek were Amazing Leaders- Very responsive and compassionate - gave everything we needed and then some.  Very positive and always there for everyone."
Katie Huffman UNC-Chapel Hill AO06

"It was the Best Experience of my Life!  I made a new Family and experienced personal growth.  I learned about nature, our great country and diversity among the group.  It was Great!  We were fed very well and taken well care of - nice camp sites, showers, and breaks were taken as often as needed.  Every activity was well planned and Amazing!  My favorite activities were Hiking Half Dome, Sleeping under the stars (almost every night), and the Polar Bear Swims.  Dave and Derek were Awesome!  So helpful and knowledgeable.  Always teaching us new , interesting things while being like a parent and best friend.  They kept us safe and brought us around the country and back.  They both are truly two of the most amazing and caring people I've ever met.  Allison was also a great asset and leader.  The entire Staff was accomodating to everyones needs. 
I Love Them Very Much!!"
Kristen Postell WCU AO06

"This experience is definitely a way to learn more about yourself and how much the country has to offer.  I would never trade this experience for anything and I think everyone should experience a trip like this.  This is the only trip that is offered where you can see more of the country in 30 days than most will see in their whole lives.  The Spring meeting and telephone calls before the trip were really helpful.  I practice a vegetarian lifestyle as much as possible and the Staff was very accomodating with my diet preferences.  Also, you guys (Staff) were always there whenever someone needed any of you for any reason.  There was no way I could have imagined and expected all the activities but they were fabulous.  I really enjoyed Christmas in July and all the hikes.  My favorite activities were Christmas in July, Half Dome and Grand Canyon Hikes, and the group free time for Egyptian Rat Screw, Taboo, and 4-Square.  Dave you are absolutely awesome and an excellent inspiration to me.  I hope that I will be able to do what you do when I am your age.  I also would love to go on another trip or two with you.  Maybe one day I could even be on Staff." 
Elena Vernieri UNC-Charlotte AO06

"AO builds Leadership Skills, enhances Group Dynamics, Endurance, and Patience.  My favorite activities were the Teambuilding Skills, Half Dome Hike, and Whitewater Rafting the Snake River.  The staff was Great.  They were very responsive to participants needs, and were always there for the group.  I LOVE AO!  One word- Growth!!!!!!!!"
Dustin Miller - Master Guitar Builder and player and Katies BoyFriend

"This is a Once in a Lifetime Experience.  You grow so much and gain a whole new family.  I would not hesitate to go again.  My favorites on the trip were the Rodeo in Cody, Whitewater Rafting the Snake River in Wyoming, and the several Restuarant meals with the Group.  Dave and Derek were an Awesome Staff and Leaders.  I trust them both with my life and I will continue to travel with them if possible.  They helped me and consoled me when needed.  They helped our group flow.  This trip was AWESOME!!!!!!!"
Breanna Pasko Mooresville High School AO06

"American Odyssey is Life Changing.  You will look at everything in a different way after the trip.  You get a totally different view after seeing the country like we did.   My favorite activities were Hiking Half Dome, Whitewater Rafting, and Yellowstone Nat. Park.  Derek and Dave were great as Staff and each helped me in different ways that they were best." 
Melanie Burzlaff Mooresville High School AO06

"Everyone needs something like this... A Life Changing Experience!!  Information was available from the website and also Dave from the beginning and he provided a great variety of resources. Any concerns or questions were always taken care of during the trip and the Spring Meeting was very helpful ahead of the trip.  My favorite activities were 1.)The Grand Canyon - Pictures don't do it Justice!  2.) Yosemite... I am definitely going back to Half Dome!  3.) White Sands...We all need more Sunsets like that!!!" 

          When's the next one?          Allison Poynton  Staff member AO06