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Age ____________Birthday ____________________Shirt Size: ________________
Teaching Fellow      Yes   No Freshman     Sophomore    Junior     Senior     (as of date of trip)
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Professor that knows you well ________________________________Major ________________________

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                   List any Honors Received
          Clubs, Extra Curricular Activities     in the last 3 years
  You Participate in at School(School or Community)

           List Qualifications you feel that
List Hobbies and Interests                you possess for this trip

How do you feel others see you?

If you are accepted, what will the other participants like most about you?

If you are accepted, what will the other participants like least about you?

Please give three reasons why YOU really want to go on this trip

Name and address of a friend who you would like to have apply for the trip:



On the back of this sheet you may write anything about yourself or include (attach)anything that may help the selection committee reach their decision concerning your participation.

Please include two letters of recommendation . . . One from an adult friend or professor and the other from a peer.

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Please forward this application to:
  David Barlow * American Odyssey    
                           P.O. Box 198    Landis, NC  28088
Phone: (704) 855-2511  

Please indicate which Experience this Application is being Submitted for.