9th - 16th, 2002
(8 Days)


Day 1  
Fly to Oakland International Airport and Pick up our Rental Van.  Load our Gear and Travel to Manteca, California to supply for the week.  Travel to the  Merced Entrance of Yosemite National Park and Camp at the Sunnyside Walk-In Campground in Yosemite Valley.

Day 2
Check out the sights in the valley including the Ansel Adams Gallery, the Visitors Center, and the Lodges.  While here we will check the weather for the week.
Days 3 - 4
Today we will do some teambuilding exercises and some calisthenics and stretching exercises to loosen up for our backpacking trip out towards Nevada Falls and Vernal Falls.  Camping in the backcountry campsites, we will prepare to climb and hike the backside of Half Dome if the weather permits.  These are several great links to describe what this is like.
What you Need To Know About Hiking Half Dome

Day 5 - 6
On our return we might do the hike to Glacier Point and return.  Then we will return to the Sunnyside Campground.  Today we will spend a little more time in the valley and then we will begin our trip back out towards Merced and the Giant Sequoia Groves.

Day 7
Today we will tackle some of the climbs in the valley area and do some bouldering.  Others may elect to raft the Merced River or just plain enjoy the scenery.  One might write in ones Journal, do some meditating, and just plain enjoy the majesty that is Yosemite.  We will spend the night just outside the park in the Stanislaus National Forest and will then head back toward Oakland and our return flight.  For more info on the planning and routing of this trip go to:

Day 8
Homeward Bound.  We will sleep on the plane knowing that John Muir was right about the need to establish the National Park System and to protect and to preserve these great National Treasures. 



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All-inclusive including Round Trip Airfare except for possibly 2 meals and snacks and personal spending money

All money must be turned in not later than
February 15th 2002
(The sooner you turn in money the quicker we can make our reservations and the cheaper the rate will be.)

If the airfare rise beyond $250 per person for round trip you will need to cover the extra expense.

will provide all necessary equipment such as tents, stoves, and group climbing gear.  You will need to provide all personal gear including internal frame pack, proper sleeping bag, and clothing for a winter backpacking trip that will last a full week.  If you wish to bring personal tents and stoves and cooking gear, please let the Crew Advisor  Director know so that there will not be an excess of equipment.  There will be a chance to shower and do laundry in the valley toward the end of the week prior to departure for home.  

Your choice of medium to large Internal Frame Pack  (required)
Sleeping Bag    good three-season bag or winter bag
Thermarest or Slumberjack inflatable mattress
Small travel pillow
Light stadium blanket for van or bus
Small AA flashlight
Book bag or backpack for day use.
Hydration system 72 oz.
Water Bottles  (2) one or two liter Nalgene wide mouthed bottles are best. (Also can Use bottled water bottles from service stations.)
Rain Jacket or Rain Suit (windbreaker type jacket with a hood and rain pants)
Waterproof Pack cover or bring big 30-32 gallon garbage bags
Fleece Jacket (Zip or Pullover)  (You will use this a Lot)
Sweat Pants or Fleece pants
Notebook or journal with writing tools
Inexpensive camera with lots of film
Water Camera for Whitewater Rafting
Personal Radio/CD     Tapes/CD's: Not too many - we can share.
Wristwatch with working alarm.
Drivers license, Student ID, Credit cards, Phone card (Need at least one photo ID)
We need these now more than ever after 9/11/01
Spending money Approximately $100 in Travelers Checks
($20 denominations are best)  and/or Debit and Credit cards
Addresses of friends and family and Stamps for postcards and letters
1 pair of sunglasses and a Croakie or strap to hold your sunglasses.
Footwear:  Lightweight to medium hiking- backpacking boots and another pair of shoes. These may be used to cross streams and rivers while on the trail as well as for camp lounging.  Be sure to Break In Your Boots Well long before you leave to go on this trip.

2 pair Cargo pants
1 pairs of shorts
4 long sleeved T- shirts
2 T- shirts
1 long sleeved shirt (possibly flannel or corduroy)      
Thermal underwear or polypropylene pants and shirt
Underwear for only one week
4 pairs of socks
4 pairs of heavy hiking socks
1 beach towel medium
Bandannas   Great for everything!!
Wide brimmed hat for hiking. Should be crushable. 
Balaclava or Toboggan style hat

Personal Hygiene
Small toiletry kit
Sunscreen    Small sample bottle
Lotion          Small sample bottle
Soap in dish or Ziploc bag OR
Camp Soap (liquid soap good for personal as well as dishes and everything)                Wal*Mart has this.
Shampoo   (not needed if you bring Camp Soap)
$10.00 in quarters for showers and laundry.   VERY IMPORTANT.   Keep in                     toiletry kit. 
Razors/shave cream
Tylenol / other personal meds
Ladies remember things like Sportsbras, scrunchies, monthly feminine needs,            etc.

PLEASE remember that you must pack
EVERYTHING in your Internal Frame Pack.

You may carry your Daypack or Book bag on the plane and van.
The mattresses will be stored attached to the Internal Frame Backpacks, which will also carry your sleeping bag. 

You will be provided with group gear such as cook sets, stoves, fuel, food, however, you may want to use this checklist of other items to make this part a little more comfortable.

Internal Frame Backpack
Sleeping Bag (15 degree or lower)
Thermarest style Mattress
Tarp- Ground cloth 4x8 foot
Pack cover
Rain Suit
Hydration System
Water Bottles   Nalgene- wide mouth
Pocket Flashlight or Headlamp
Matches in waterproof case
Sunglasses with head strap or Croakie
Lip treatment   (Labiosan, Blistex, etc.)
50 feet of Nylon Paracord  This is for Bearproofing along with the rental of Bear Proof Containers
Warm Clothing  -  Remember to layer.   (The days should be in the 50's in the valley and nights around the 30's.  When we are at higher elevations it will be much colder.  We might also get socked with some snow or ice as well.)
Toboggan or balaclava   (hood to sleep in on cold nights)

Hints for the Savvy Traveler
Pack your Pack and carry it around the block at least twice to get a feel for just how heavy it will be when you are on the road or trail.  You will be expected to carry your share of the group gear as well as food, water, tents, stoves, and fuel.  You may want to do a "shake down trip" with your loaded pack and get used to the feel of carrying it for several miles or more.  You will be carrying it fully loaded for at least 5 miles at altitude per day on the trip several times.

You may bring Personal Tents, Stoves, Cooking Gear, Climbing Gear, and more, just be sure to label them and let Dave and Derek know before we meet in Raleigh.  We will have a shakedown in the Sam's Club Parking lot before we go to the Airport.