This letter is needed as one more means to prove that the Staff of AMERICAN ODYSSEY has your permission to transport your son/daughter across all borders and that they are not in fact being transported against their will or yours.  With security in the world getting tighter all the time, this document may in fact make things a little easier when we cross the border. 
         Items to include and state in this letter would include such things as: knowledge and permission for my son___ or daughter___ to be a member of the American Odyssey High Adventure Venturing Crew 444 of Mooresville and Landis, NC and participate in all activities planned and outlined in the itinerary, consent for the Staff of American Odyssey to provide for medical treatment as needed, and that you understand that all policies of the Boy Scouts of America will be adhered to in regard to this experience. 
          Another paragraph would include Date and place of birth including county and state, and a photocopy or better yet, an official copy of the participants Birth Certificate.  The last sentence would include a description of your relationship to the participant.  The participants Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Age, and location of birth including county and State should be very easy to see and might be listed at the bottom of the letter along with contact info for you the parent/guardian.

          I'm sorry to have to ask for this info, but it is needed for all participants under the age of 21.  It depends on the border crossing and the agent and other factors but it is better to be prepared and not need it. 

          Don't forget that we need a driver's license or some other form of legal photo ID for each participant as well.

THANKS!!!  Dave