These are the Days We'll Remember....
"Life is A Highway"
AO 2004
Day 1- Day 8
Edna (aka Heather's nickname, the van name, Katherine's crazy Aunt).
Walk through the woods to get water in Kentucky
"Get 'er Done"
"head em up, move em out"
"here's a story"  -Dave
"what?"  - Heather
"I'm a Captain if the Fire Department"  -Dave
"These girls are future teachers in the state of NC."  -Dave
"what?"  -Heather
The daily count of Heather's questions.
"I feel so dirty"  -Lindsey holding a raccoon's penis bone.
T-shirt obsessions and postcards.
Looking at all the birds.  "What bird is that?"
Laundry room conversations
"Look at those TETONS"  tent talks
"Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy"
HONEY and their Daily Doses Lindsey and Dave
Billy's Giant Hamburgers
Being cold
Daily Weather Forecast  30 % chance of rain, 30% chance of snow and partly sunny, 30 % chance of animals being seen on the side of the road.
"Wild animal @ 3 o'clock.
Yellow Snow:  peeing in front of the van on top of Teton Pass.
Square Ice Cream and doo-doo in Swan Valley, Idaho
"So, where are we spending the night?"  -Heather
"Where's Heather?"
"So, How do we get there?"  -Heather
"I-da-Ho,  You-da-Ho.
"What's the "W" for?  -Heather
Teaching Heather how to cook, peel a kiwi, etc.
"45 minutes or 500 miles  whichever comes first."
No showers  No shaving!
Katherine Sleeping.
Never seeing Mt. Rushmore or Crazy Horse.
Passing on a Double Yellow Line and being stalked by the NPS in Badlands NP, in SD
"Papa D"
"Get me out of South Dakota"   "BFE  SD"
Heather found a new friend
The Tampon String, changing the pad in Lindsey's seat.
"The FAB 4 "what about five?"
tape recorder
Burp -n- Blow
Heather's obsession with cheese.  Remember, she is a Vegetarian.
13 hour battery charging
Stopping to take pictures every 5 minutes. / "Look at that birrd!"
Sleeping with the Bison
Massive wind and rain.
Late  night dinners
Rappelling in the mist
Heather driving. or rather attempting to drive.
The cowboys and necklaces
Barefoot in the snow
Picking on each others laughs
The aroma of the van
Heather's glasses and the rafting trip
Leaving the door open  always.
$1.78 per gallon for gas outside of Fort Knox, Kentucky after that, good Luck!
Spilling Lotion
"Sean Sucks"
Lindsey doesn't call Derek
Sara likes Chi  Town a Lot!
"Who'd a thunk it?"

Day 9  Day 20

"JK Big Smiley"
Japanese Steak House
My tongue always gets me in trouble; that's not what I call trouble!
Baskin Robbins
The van smell
Infected blisters
Popping a squat more than toilets
Southern accents; are they ignorant?
Hot Shots
Tossing tampons, hiding tampons
Hiking on rocks
Two steps equals meeee.  -Sara
That rock can go to Hell
Almost getting kicked out of Jack in the Box
Sports Bra pictures
I made it to the top!
Dave and Tracy
Can we send Heather home?
Heather's 30 minute bathroom breaks
Pee pots
Hiking to campsites in San Francisco
The Bush Man, Silver Man
Reggae Festival
What is this?  Ugly Guy w/o Shirts Day?
Showers are closed (Angel's Camp)  Dave got them opened for us though.
I bring my girl to the Mobile Mart for dates, not because she's white Trash either."
French braided pigtails
Theme songs
"This is a great song!"
Walkie talkie man, "10-4, we've got a doodoo in the girls bathroom."
Infected blisters
Running commentary of dumb questions
Half Doom = Half Dome
Zookeeny  - Katherine's Spellin
Can we turn it up?
Mechanical toothbrushes
It's in the van  Somewhere!
Oily hair
w/o showers for 6 days
Fish n Chips and Cokes
Sharing toothbrushes
Lindsey loses everything
Seeing enough volcanoes to last me FOREVER!
Looking for Badgers
Jamming to Country!
Air Drums for a full couple of hours.  Sara
The Dead Flies at Mono Lake
Going Commando
Avoiding Heathers music
Chicas Machas
Falling asleep and crashing into the window and side door
Getting pulled over by the CHP for going too slow in the high-speed lane.
This while talking to JB Buxton  Candidate for the State Superintendent of Schools and Education Advisor to the Governor.
Sledding @ Crater Lake
Side Ponytails
Dancing on Manic Mondays.
Green shorts: Cheese and Beer on the Breakfast Buffet.
Running out of Water.
Spaghetti in the Glacier Point parking lot.
One more picture stop
Zits! Popping them.
Sand in my Bra
Everyone drives in Montana  Katherine!
Black boogers
Dave's  useless information
Details, Details
A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!
"A strategically placed wad of cotton can have an amazing effect on your self confidence!"
Asian Persuasion
Heather eats 3 cans of beans
Vibrating picnic tables.  Heather farts

Things That Make You Go Pee In Your Pants

"Walkie Talkie, 10-4, we've got a doo doo in the girls bathroom."
Sledding at Crater Lake (Eaah, Eaah)
If Andrew or Sean called

Things that are overrated,
But will NEVER be taken for Granted)

Toilet paper
Brushing your hair
Baby wipes
Drive by picture taking
Clean cars
Clean clothes
Clean anything

I Love You Guys!!!   I Miss You Every Day! 
This is one Picture of our Trip I have Etched into my Brain Every Morning.