Thursday August 26th 2004 afternoon  experience 

MEET:  Venture Crew 444 will meet on Thursday afternoon to work out driving and riding Logistics and to provide drivers with maps to the location.  We will then leave campus and meet at Port City Shopping Center to carpool and depart for this experience.

DEPARTURE: Will be from Port City Shopping Center at 3:00pm

RETURN TIME:  Will be around 7:00 pm.  Divers can either drop students at their respective homes or have parents meet them at the Port City Shopping Center.  Please make prior arrangements and let parents know who is driving and who is riding with whom. 

MONEY:  None Required for this trip except your share of fuel costs for the drivers.  The trip is approximately 13 miles each way from Port City Shopping Center. 

LOGISTICS:  Bring your signed permission slips and snacks and any climbing gear that you may have.   We do have Group Gear including Rope, webbing and several harnesses.  Bring Gloves if you have them also.  Bring a WATER BOTTLE, your unbridled enthusiasm, indefatigable curiosity, and your Climbing Karhma. 

SAFETY:  The advisors and chaperones will give full attention to the safety of all participants, but it is EVERYONE's responsibility to think and act in a manner, which places SAFETY FIRST. Participants who cannot follow the guidelines set forth by the advisors should stay home.

  Participants, by signing this form, you agree to abide by all the guidelines and expectations set forth by the advisors of Venture Crew 444, as well as the direction of other chaperones for the activity. In particular, you agree to behave consistently in a manner that places your personal safety and the safety of the other members of the Venture Crew as the highest priority for the weekend.

   Parents, we need your permission to take your son/daughter on the road and to the South Rowan limbing- Rappelling Tower for the Climbing- Rappelling Activity.  We will take all reasonable precautions and do everything that we can to ensure that your son/daughter has a safe and memorable experience, and we will care for them as our own.  Your signature is your permission for your son/daughter to attend the trip as well as your permission for the advisors to provide treatment if your son/daughter is injured.
David Barlow & Ian Devlin                                                                           Venture Crew Advisors

Participant__________________________________________________has my permission to attend the CLIMBING - RAPPELLING TRIP sponsored by VENTURE CREW 444.

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