Most Likely To...
AO 2004  

Take a picture of a plant or bird.   Heather
To record animal sounds   -Heather
To say Eeeeeeee!   -Heather
To most likely to meet a friend on the trip.   Lauren
To sprint up stairs    -Lindsey
To play with a ball   -Katherine
To tell a life long story    -Dave
To cook a home cooked meal   -Sara
To wash dishes    -Lindsey
To lick dishes clean   -Us
To teach   -Sara
To find a hay bale   -Lauren
To read a book   -Sara  
To drive illegally   -Katherine
To miss spel "Zookeny"   -Katherine
Play Air Drums   -Sara
To be obsessed with a rock   -Dave
To lose glasses   -Heather
To pack and organize van   -Lauren and Lindsey
To sweep out the Van   - Katherine
To put toothpaste on face   -Lauren
To put pictures on the computer    -Lindsey
To be pulled over by the cops   -Lauren
To be interested in Science   -Sara, Heather, Dave
To marry a cowboy and live in the city   -Lauren
To have to Pee   -Heather
To take a drive by picture   Heather
To say "ASS"   -Lindsey
To estimate distances incorrectly   -Dave
To roast an Oatmeal Pie   -Lindsey
To hike in Texas   -Katherine
To pop a squat   -The Fab 4
To toss a Tampon   -Lauren
To summit Half Dome    -AO 2004
To hike to Upper Yosemite Valley in 2 hrs and 10 mins.   AO2004
To sled down the side of a giant Volcano   -AO2004
To own her own Cave   -Sara
To Pee in her Pants when a Mule Farts in her face    -Sara
To flirt with Truck Drivers   -Lauren
To be schizophrenic   --Lauren
To put on Sun Screen just before going into a cave   -Heather
To say "Sean Sucks"   -Lauren
To talk on a cellphone   -Lauren
To eat three cans of beans   -Heather
To eat cheese   -Heather
To eat No Veggies   -Katherine
To talk to Hot Shots and Cowboys   -Lauren
To make a U-Turn   -Dave
To throw "Green Gravel"   -Sara and Lauren
To regret buying a Wyoming Sweatshirt   -Lauren
To win a game of Taboo   -Lauren
To be shameless   -Lindsey
To Not Journal   -Lindsey
To throw Rocks   -Katherine
To fall asleep while riding   -Katherine
To not share   -Lauren
To Snore    -Heather
To snort while laughing   -Lauren
To sigh while sleeping   -Lindsey
To go "He-He-He-He"   -Lindsey
To become a hairdresser   -Lindsey
To Burp-n-Blow   -Lauren
To Fart   -Heather
To sing in the front seat   -Sara and Lauren
To sweep out the Van   -Katherine