Activity Information:
    The year 2010 marked the 75th Anniversary of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  This most visited of our National Park units was designed to connect Shenandoah National Park in Virginia with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park almost 500 miles to the southwest.  The story of this incredible National Treasure is yours to discover as you travel by Bicycle or ride its entire 469 mile length in the van and explore all of the amazing stops we make as we provide support for the cyclists in our group.  There are many short hikes and there are numerous Visitor Centers and living history displays for you to enjoy.   With each incredible vista and each mile you pedal, you will be able to appreciate the incredible engineering and architecture of this most amazing national treasure.  In the evening, we will share our experiences of the day around the campfire and truly soak in the rich history of this Southern Appalachian treasure.  Your Tour Leader for this activity was a Park Ranger for four years on the Blue Ridge Parkway and he backpacked its entire length in the Fall of 2008.  When you finish this Journey, there will be a deep satisfaction in being able to say that you completed the entire Blue Ridge Parkway from End to End and that you have really “Shared the Journey” with all that traveled with you and all that have gone before.

Blue Ridge Parkway - End to End - Virginia, North Carolina

        American Odyssey uses the Outward Bound Crew model with all of its programs.  Participants will have the opportunity to explore not only the wonderful Blue Ridge Parkway during the beautiful beginning of summer, but challenge themselves as well.  Many participants have discovered more about themselves on past American Odyssey Programs than they would have ever dreamed.
        The Journey really begins the moment you decide to accept this challenge.  Getting your bicycle and yourself in shape for this experience will require that you begin training immediately.  This website has a number of training tips at the end of the page and your local cycling shop can help as well.  There will be group emails and a meeting in Landis, NC in May to share last minute tips and to meet all of the other participants.  The Journey will begin in Waynesboro, Virginia the night before the ride begins with a final briefing at one of the hotels there.  
        Although the trip is structured, with a definite itinerary, there is the opportunity to add some things to the trip or to customize it.  In the Rocky Knob area we will be treated to a concert in the Town of Floyd and we will spend a bit of down time in the Boone – Blowing Rock area.  We will be camping in campgrounds each night.  Some will be on the Blue Ridge Parkway and some will be nearby and private. All camping gear and food will be carried for you so you will only need to ride your bicycle with minimal equipment and your camera.  Each cycling participant will receive an American Odyssey Cycling Jersey for the ride.  All participants will receive American Odyssey T-shirts and Blue Ridge Parkway Patches and all participants will receive an End to End Certificate after completion of the Journey. 
        Each of our American Odyssey Expeditions offers great opportunity for personal growth, self discovery, and a bonding which equates to a real “Crew Family”as well as an appreciation for God's Wonderful Creation.  You will find that this experience will also serve to teach you much more about yourself and provide you with a feeling of acomplishment as you complete the entire Blue Ridge Parkway form End to End.    

Minimum/Maximum # of Participants:
10 / 50
Open to other College and High School Students 
Please help Recruit!
We offer a Personal Recruitment Discount
Ask Dave about the details!

  $675 for Teaching Fellows.
(above the $200 escrow)
  $875 for Non - Teaching Fellows.
If we get enough participants, the cost will be lower. 

Fee and other Details:
Initial Deposit of $400 is due not later than Feb.1, 2012 or within 2 weeks of acceptance if after this date.
Second payment of $275 is due by March 1st, 2012.  Keep in touch with David Barlow regarding financial           details.
This price is All Inclusive except for Personal Spending Money, several meals, Hotel in Waynesboro, VA,             the night before departure, and transportation to and from the activity.  Participants furnish their own                      bicycles, helmets, and riding gear as well as any possible repair items.  American Odyssey will provide                assistance with repair and full support services as well as meals, snacks, and accommodations.
There will be a meeting of all participants prior to the experience in May of 2010. The exact date will be                determined and participants will be notified.
NO PREVIOUS CAMPING EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED!  Don't be afraid to accept this Challenge.                    There is a Great You Tube Video HERE about Bicycle Adventure Travel.  And you don't even have to                    carry your gear. 
College Credit may be available for this trip. Check with your advisor.


        Bicycle, Helmet, riding gear and any possible repair needs, Sleeping bag and pad, Day Pack, Duffle Bag for personal gear.  Pack extra riding gear and a couple of changes of clothes for both ends of the trip and the middle. Showers and laundry will be available in most Campgrounds.  An Equipment List will be sent to all participants. All Group Camping Gear is provided.  You may bring your own tent.  All gear will be transported for you so that you can really enjoy the ride without the extra weight. 
APPLICATION PROCESS:   Sign up on the Teaching Fellows Website if you are a Teaching Fellow. Then Contact David Barlow to request more information and an application. 

If you are not a Teaching Fellow, contact David Barlow to request more information and an application.  

The Application is HERE on the website and may be printed, filled out, and mailed.    This will be followed by a Telephone Interview.  General Interview Questions are found HERE.  Feel free to ask as many questions as you like as well.  We need to get to know each other well before doing a Trip such as this.

Contact Information:
David Barlow, American Odyssey Director
PO Box 198
Landis, NC 28088
704-855-2511 Home
704-239-3706 Cell
Also:   Checked more frequently

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Dates: July 1-12, 2012  
July 1 -Travel to Waynesboro, VA for overnight staging.  Tour Rides July 2 - 12